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Breast Augmentation with 300 cc Saline Implants

Photos courtesy of: Elisa A. Burgess M.D., Lake Oswego, OR,

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Front Before Breast Augmentation
Front Before Breast Augmentation

Front After Breast Augmentation
Front After Breast Augmentation

Dr. Elisa Burgess, located in Lake Oswego, OR, performed a bilateral breast augmentation on this caucasian female patient. Dr. Burgess used 300 cc saline filled breast implants on this 21-year-old, 5'" 128 lb. female. The implants were placed submuscularly, meaning they are below her muscle. As you can tell by these before and after breast augmentation photos, this patient is very pleased with the success of her breast augmentation.
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About This Patient

  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5' 5''
  • Weight: 128
  • Implants: Saline
  • Fill: Right 300CC Left 300CC

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