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Female Undergoes Breast Reduction

Photos courtesy of: Michelle Copeland, D.M.D., M.D., F.A.C.S., New York, NY, Dr. Michelle Copeland

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Front Before Breast Lift & Reduction
Front Before Breast Lift & Reduction

Front After Breast Lift & Reduction
Front After Breast Lift & Reduction

Sagging. drooping breasts are very common and so is the breast reduction surgery that Dr. Michelle Copeland of Manhattan, New York performs beautifully.  This patient consulted with Dr. Copeland to weigh her options of what to do about her sagging breasts.  They both agreed that breast reduction was the best choice and set a surgical date.  The procedure went beautifully and the results were phenomenal as the photographs above depict.  This female is more than satisfied with the job Dr. Copeland did.
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